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Mental Health Centers in the Greater Jackson, MS Area

April 18, 2010

Mental Health Centers in the Greater Jackson, Miss. Area

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In this post I will identify five mental health and psychiatric service facilities in the Greater Jackson, Miss. Area.  I have added a short description and comment on each facility to provide a brief overview of the programs and services available.

There is a large number of mental health and psychiatric service facilities located in the Greater Jackson, Miss. Area.  Please consult the Mississippi Treatment Centers web site for a list of services offered statewide.

Imagine Behavioral Health Clinic

Imagine Behavioral Health Clinic is a group or health-care and counseling professionals who are, “committed to alleviating the suffering caused by addictions, behavior disorders and mood disorders.”

Imagine Behavioral Health Clinic is an outpatient facility focusing on the treatment of adults and adolescents.

Two primary programs offered by Imagine Behavioral Health Clinic are:

Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Program for 14-17 year old males and females with substance abuse/addiction, mood disorders and general lostness.

Young Adult Intensive Outpatient Program for 18-25 year old males and females with substance abuse/addiction, mood disorders and aimlessness.

Individual and family therapy sessions are also provided to address mental health, co-occuring psychiatric issues, and substance abuse issues.

Pine Grove Behavioral Health and Addiction Services

Pine Grove Behavioral Health and Addiction Services in Hattiesburg, Mississippi was established in 1984 as a non-profit organization and has become known as one of the nation’s top treatment centers.

Pine Grove mission is, “to be a leader in healing and changing lives by providing the highest quality behavioral health services.”

Mental illness and chemical dependency outpatient and inpatient treatment programs for adults, teens, children are offered.  Pine Grove also provides clients with the opportunity to participate in Specialty Programs to treat the specific problems they are facing.

The Next Step Men’s Program is a 12 ½ week intensive curriculum designed to treat men facing chemical dependency with services including:  Evaluation, Twelve Step, Spiritual, Intervention, and Aftercare.

The Pine Grove Women’s Center is designed to address the needs of women facing eating disorders, chemical dependency, and a combination of the two.  The Pine Grove multi-disciplinary team provides a comprehensive treatment program with psychiatric, socio-cultural, feminist, and 12-step programs.

Gentle Path is a 6 week intensive curriculum for treating clients coping with sexual addiction, anorexia, relationship, and trauma.  The program is gender specific to offer a safe, communal environment to develop healthy sexual behaviors and compulsions.  Many patients also suffer from chemical dependency and mood disorders.  Pine Grove specialists work together to treat such co-occuring disorders.

Harbor House Chemical Dependency Services

Harbor House Chemical Dependency Services is a non-profit addiction treatment program located in Jackson, Miss.  Harbor House was established in 1973 to provide the community with affordable care and access to substance abuse treatments.  Harbor House is based on a Twelve Step Program to treat chemical dependency and addiction.

The Harbor House mission statement is to “Offer a continuum of high quality, affordable and effective chemical dependency treatment services and programs for adults and their families, including those who cannot afford private treatment facilities.”

Harbor House believes chemical dependency is a treatable disease.  Harbor House focuses on the biological, psychological, spiritual, emotional, and social needs of each client to design recovery and treatment plans to fit the unique needs of each client.

St. Dominic Behavioral Health

St. Dominic Behavioral Health is a treatment facility for individuals and their families suffering from mental illness and drug and alcohol abuse.  Hospital staff include:  psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, and counselors working together to provide comprehensive patient care.

Medical detoxification programs are offered upon admission to protect the safety of patients suffering from chemical dependency issues.  Psychiatric services are composed of group, individual and family therapy sessions.  Inpatient treatment programs are developed on an individual basis to address specific client needs and concerns.

Programs included, but are not limited to:  Chemical Dependency, Dual Diagnosis, Psychiatric Services, Inpatient Treatment, Aftercare, and Family Programs.  Detailed information can be found at the St. Dominic web site.


COPAC Mississippi was established in 1979 with a focus on treating patients who will benefit from intensive residential treatment.

COPAC treats young adults, legal and medical professionals, patients who have relapsed,; as well as, people suffering from sexual, eating, gambling disorders.

COPAC uses a 5 phase program to treat patients and work towards a long-term, successful recovery.


Phase I is a 30 day residential program focusing on the evaluation and stabilization of patients to establish goals and objectives to meet the patient’s specific needs.  Patients are provided disease education, coping skills, Twelve Step Programs, group and individual therapy.

Phase II is a 60 day residential program geared towards the implementation of the patient’s treatment plan . In the second phase of treatment, patients participate in addiction education, group and individual counseling, non-chemical coping skills, Twelve-Step meetings, ropes/adventure therapy, and continuing psychiatric evaluations.

Phase III is a 30 day residential program focusing on teach patients to become responsible for their own recovery and prepare to return to life outside of the treatment center.  This is an important phase in integrating daily activities and continuing recovery.  Patients will stay in a recovery residence.  In the sober environment, patients are assigned service opportunities.  Group and individual therapy, as well as Twelve-Step meetings are required.

Phase IV is a Secondary Outpatient Service 90 day program. Patients completing Phase III typically move into the fourth phase.  During this phase, patients begin working or continuing school.  Mandatory Twelve Step Programs and therapy sessions are required. This multi-intensity service is designed to help patients learn to continue the recovery process in an outpatient setting.

Finding a Treatment Facility Near You

Seeking treatment for mental health and substance abuse problems is the first step in the recovery and healing process.  If you or someone you know is suffering from psychiatric or chemical dependency problems, please contact a treatment facility near you.  Local treatment facilities and providers can be found at The Department of Health and Human Services National Mental Health Information Center web site, located here.

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